Activity 6
Capacity building and Dissemination
Capacity building in Kenya

National Stakeholder workshop: Capacity building in Kenya is a dissemination activity aiming at enhancing scientific technical capacity of Kenyan partner to independently monitor their agricultural resources for a possible technological transfer in the future.
In collaboration with the Project AGRICAB, DRSRS/MEMR, VITO, ALTERRA, and other institutional partners, organized a one day workshop on the Tuesday 23-10-2012 to be held in Nairobi, Kenya at the REDCOURT HOTEL, south c Red Cross road. The main objectives of the workshop will be to analyse the present agricultural statistical systems in Kenya, with a focus on crop monitoring and area estimates, possible linkages with the estimate of crop yields and early warning. The proposed output of the analysis is to come up with well-defined user requirements and options for improvement on the present systems in terms of quality of the estimates, cost reduction and enhance the role of remote sensing in crop production monitoring in Kenya.